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About Us
Our Company

Retirement Funding Advisors, Inc., believes that the first step is to work closely with each investor to create and document a long-term plan that identifies and documents the investor's specific financial objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.

— For Plan Sponsors of 401(k) plans, we design an investment menu that will allow each individual participant to have an opportunity to develop a suitable investment strategy.  In addition, multiple model portfolios are developed from the investment menu so that plan participants can invest in a diversified and suitable manner, based upon their risk profile.

— In the case of individual investors, there may be multiple strategies for specific goals, such as saving for college education, preparing for retirement and estate planning.  The underlying investments will be chosen to maximize the tax efficiency of the portfolios.

— For endowments and foundations, consideration is given to maintaining a sustainable balance between growing the portfolio and creating cash in accordance with the spending policy of the organization.

Our People

Donald I Gregg, President, RFA

 Mr. Gregg is responsible for the development of the investment strategies and tactics  for RFA clients.  This includes developing and reevaluating capital market economic  assumptions, selecting a diverse grouping of multiple investment categories and evaluating and selecting investment managers.  Mr. Gregg works with clients to  establish a long-term investment plan that is suitable for individualized risk tolerance  and is integrated with their long-term financial goals.

 Mr. Gregg has devoted his entire career to servicing and overseeing the investment  management of corporate retirement plans, foundations and endowments as well as  advising individual investors. 

 He established and served as president and chief investment officer of New England  Pension Advisors, the investment advisory subsidiary of the New England Mutual Life  Insurance Company and Pension Portfolio Advisors, (the investment  advisory subsidiary of Royal Maccabees Insurance Company). In 1995, Mr. Gregg founded Retirement Funding Advisors, Inc., a fee-only investment advisory company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr. Gregg earned his bachelor's of science degree in political science from Gettysburg College.  He is a graduate of the Tuck Executive Program, Amos Tuck College at Dartmouth.


Norman C. León, Director of Research

Mr. León is responsible for researching and evaluating the performance and capabilities of the investment managers who are ultimately selected by RFA for their clients.  Once a manager is selected, Mr. León is responsible for monitoring their performance and organization structure to ensure that the manager is meeting predetermined guidelines and objectives.

 Mr. León graduated from University of Detroit Mercy in 1994 with a bachelor's degree in Finance. He has  14 years of investment experience which includes working at MFO Management Company as an Investment Analyst and for Munder Capital Management as a Quantitative Equity Analyst.  He began working with Mr. Gregg in April 2004 as an Investment Analyst and currently serves Retirement Funding Advisors as Director of Research.


Our Process

Retirement Funding Advisors, Inc., recognizes that investments tend to have cyclical patterns that are difficult to predict with any degree of consistency.  Therefore, the common theme for all investors is broad diversification, so as to minimize the risk of substantial losses.
This is accomplished on three levels:
Asset Classes: Includes U.S. and foreign stocks, bonds and cash equivalents.

Investment Categories: Stocks- Includes multiple capitalizations, with exposure to both growth and value oriented companies.

—  Bonds: Includes taxable and tax exempt holdings with short, intermediate and long term time horizons, as well as exposure to both corporate and government issues.

Cash: Includes money market funds, certificate of deposits and ultra-short term bond funds.

Investment Managers: Retirement Funding Advisors selects well established investment managers on behalf of its clients. The managers are chosen based upon their proven long-term results within their area of specific expertise. Consideration will be given to both actively and passively managed strategies.

Retirement Funding Advisors, Inc., meets regularly with clients to update their strategy, cash flow considerations, changing economic and market conditions and the performance of the underlying managers.   Retirement Funding will recommend and execute the appropriate changes as mutually agreed upon.

Retirement Funding Advisors, Inc. is a fee only investment adviser, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  All assets are held in individual accounts established with Charles Schwab
and Company, Inc.

The RFA Advantage is our ability to define and understand the unique circumstances of each client and to proved the expertise in the two distinct disciplines: financial planning and investing.